Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009 Friday
Recording Article Part 8 - Mixing Console

September 10, 2009 Thursday

Recording Article Part 7 - Midi



September 9, 2009 Wednesday
Recording Article Part 6 - Dynamic Compression

September 8, 2009 Tuesday
Recording Article Part 5 - EQ
There are a few missing issues
But most of the important issues have been

September 7, 2009 Monday
Recording Article Part 4 - Monitoring Studio and Live

September 5, 2009
Recording Article Part 3 - Microphone Placement

September 4, 2009 Friday
Recording Article Part 2 - Microphone Design

September 3, 2009 Thursday

Recording Article Part 1 - Live Room Design

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 2, 2009 Wednesday - Specialty Bar Soap Company - Soap Works
I want to share with you all a great store selling Specialty Bar Soap called Soap Works.
I bought a goat milk soap around $3.00 Cdn and a bee pollen soap around $ 2.50 Cdn
to try at home to see if differnet ingredients can help with my skin acne problem.
I tried the goat milk soap, it really works wonder on my skin. It's 40% whole goat milk
and the website suggested for use with acne - prone skin.
The goat milk soap actually cleanse my skin very well.
I've tried different lotion based cleanser such as Cetaphil,
Paula Begoun's state of the art cleanser and Proactive cleanser
- they are all very good cleanser but they all cost at least $14.00
or more after tax.
I recommend you try the specialty bar soap made by the Soap Works.
You can buy it in the alive nutrition stores located in the malls.
I love the goat milk soap and it's such an amazing product
with a bargain price.
The bee pollen soap works quite nice too.
If you like variety of flavors you can try the chamomile soap
or the carbolic soap.
Very well done Soap Works.

Blue Berries Smoothie

September 1, 2009 Tuesday

Blue berries smoothie

Last week, my family drove to Abbortsford for buying blue berries from a local farm.

Summer is the season for blue berries.

If you like to drink smoothie, adding some blue berries, ice cubes, milk, some lemon juice, and honey would make a great smoothie.

I also like the new Starbuck Strawberry Volcano smoothie to go with some delicious mango cheese cake.

You can also make Sour Plum smoothie, Red Grapefruit smoothie, Pure green tea with honey, or Jasmine tea with honey.


Canada line now opens for Public

August 31, 2009
Skytrain Canada line now opens for pulbic passengers
Waterfront Station - Richmond Brighouse - YVR Vancouver Airport route is now available. See maps.
Previous Skytrain route:::
Expo line from Waterfront station - King Geroge Hwy
Millenium line from Commercial drive station - Columbia station
With the addition of newly open Waterfront - Richmond Brighouse Canada line
I can visit Aberdeen center in Richmond to buy some stationary.
A great store called Menji offers nicely made stationary accessories.
I still haven't tried the Vancouver Air port YVR route yet.
Maybe next time when relatives come to visit Vancouver,
my family can welcome our relatives with a Skytrain
Sightseeing ride from Richmond to Surrey and parked our car
in the Surrey Central Parking lot and then head home.

men's health - women's health - fitness - beauty - weight loss tips from alive Magazine

I would like to share with you all a great website for eating your way to optimal health -

alive Magazine - men's health - women's health - fitness - beauty - weight loss tips.

Eating healthy can be easy and saves money - if you plan you meals according to your daily eating pattern and buy with budget in your local supermarkets - when you stick to your plan.

Preparing easy and healthy meals and enjoy in your office, school, and home can boost your productivity at work,

You can read up the scientific info on nutritional contents of your food, and percentage of water contents in your favorite fruits.

The picture I uploaded may not be clear, and I will try to upload pictures in a better way: ))))

Live happily, eat healthier and work smarter in September.