Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 2, 2009 Wednesday - Specialty Bar Soap Company - Soap Works
I want to share with you all a great store selling Specialty Bar Soap called Soap Works.
I bought a goat milk soap around $3.00 Cdn and a bee pollen soap around $ 2.50 Cdn
to try at home to see if differnet ingredients can help with my skin acne problem.
I tried the goat milk soap, it really works wonder on my skin. It's 40% whole goat milk
and the website suggested for use with acne - prone skin.
The goat milk soap actually cleanse my skin very well.
I've tried different lotion based cleanser such as Cetaphil,
Paula Begoun's state of the art cleanser and Proactive cleanser
- they are all very good cleanser but they all cost at least $14.00
or more after tax.
I recommend you try the specialty bar soap made by the Soap Works.
You can buy it in the alive nutrition stores located in the malls.
I love the goat milk soap and it's such an amazing product
with a bargain price.
The bee pollen soap works quite nice too.
If you like variety of flavors you can try the chamomile soap
or the carbolic soap.
Very well done Soap Works.

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