Thursday, September 10, 2009

Canada line now opens for Public

August 31, 2009
Skytrain Canada line now opens for pulbic passengers
Waterfront Station - Richmond Brighouse - YVR Vancouver Airport route is now available. See maps.
Previous Skytrain route:::
Expo line from Waterfront station - King Geroge Hwy
Millenium line from Commercial drive station - Columbia station
With the addition of newly open Waterfront - Richmond Brighouse Canada line
I can visit Aberdeen center in Richmond to buy some stationary.
A great store called Menji offers nicely made stationary accessories.
I still haven't tried the Vancouver Air port YVR route yet.
Maybe next time when relatives come to visit Vancouver,
my family can welcome our relatives with a Skytrain
Sightseeing ride from Richmond to Surrey and parked our car
in the Surrey Central Parking lot and then head home.

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